Amber Lee Olivier – Asst Director

Amber Lee Olivier - Urania The Play

What drew me to the script was the well crafted meticulously chosen words….It is so rare that we see a new play that is written well. ~ Amber Lee Olivier, Assistant Director & Director of Development 3 Crazy Ladies, Inc

Amber Lee Olivier, Assistant Director & Director Development 3 Crazy Ladies, Inc
Amber Lee Olivier was drawn to the script Urania for its’ well crafted and carefully chosen words.  Everything in the Urania script was intentional and from commas to periods.  If the actor pays careful attention to the words, all the guide posts are already there for where the emotion should be driven and where the emphasis should be placed. She enjoyed working with a new play, that was clearly written so that she could easily realize Jyl Bonaguro’s intentions.

Amber graduated in 2002 from the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. Since graduating she has performed as an actress, dancer, and singer as well as fitting into technical roles including set and costume design, fight choreography, and directing. Her most notable performances include originating the role of Anna Marie in the one-woman-show, “Dancing For Men” at the Playhouse in Derry, N. Ireland; a principle dancer in the rock musical version of “The Birds” touring Greece; and she was a dancer in Los Cabos, Mexico before making her move to Chicago. Amber has choreographed and directed a wide variety of shows from “The King & I” to “Hello, Out There” as well as being the fight choreographer for productions including “West Side Story” and “Romeo & Juliet.” While living in Minneapolis, Minnesota she found herself working on the crew for films including, “Factotum” with Matt Dillon and Lily Taylor and Robert Altman’s final film, “A Prairie Home Companion” with an all-star cast featuring Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline and Lily Tomlin. Here in Chicago she is a company member with New American Folk Theatre and performed in their latest production of “Dark of the Moon” as the Conjur Woman as well as she was the fight choreographer and co-set designer. She is also an associate company member with Quest Theatre Ensemble.